When you talk to someone who works in the affiliate marketing or search engine optimization world, the words content and links are dropped a lot. Deciding to build metaexplorer in the open was the best decision I’ve had in this project, here’s why.

Easily created: An Instagram post

Any work that I do might be interesting to someone. The worst that could happen is to be ignored. The tutorial videos I did needed a complex setup, which took a few of my vacation days to get it working well – the idea was to stream myself while programming, so everything had to work “live”. Long story short: it’s entertaining when you’re watching a game, programming is not. Any recordings that I did later are sped up with a voiceover, anything else was boring. Shorter is better in this case, but the aim to do live recording improved the overall quality. Content that could be helpful, number 1:

An instagram post of the setup

Posted the software/Apps that I used, that it’s for recording tutorials, and some hashtags, so it would pop up in some people’s feed. Used the hashtags of the lesser known software – maybe there’s a niche, who knows? While writing this I already received a few new likes.

Time consuming to make: A tutorial video

While installing and running your own editor with the metaexplorer-starter repository is about 5 commands for a programmer, I wanted to show that to people who can’t code. Because I had to re-take the shots a couple of times, I am now forced to log in again when I want to do that task. Here I quickly found out that it’s better to split the video recording, the screen recording and the voice over into separate parts. Add in the animations, and you have a couple days of work. I’m quite happy with the result, considering it’s the first attempt.

The “How to install metaexplorer” video

Not even done but already producing links

This is the one that astonishes me: In the previous video, I used blender to create a 3D animation. It is a simple animation, a video playing on a plane that’s floating in space, but I wanted to cut out the background. That is done with a green screen technique. But instead of first cutting out the green from the video and saving it, and then playing that video on a plane in 3D space, I did it in one step. Technically speaking, I created a shader in blender’s node-editor and rendered in 3D.

Not a single line of code used, that was the main message. So I did a short explanatory video, about 12 minutes long, and looked for someone on upwork to cut it. To indicate my minimum quality level, I posted a link to the installation video from above. Now here it gets interesting:

The previous video got new traffic, because the upwork-job posting was public, so was the link in it. I found out about it because I got spammed for video-editing in the youtube comments. Luckily Youtube moderated that already.

  • Upwork has an incentive to get users on their platform, so they share job posts
  • Freelancers have an incentive to have their work publicly mentioned
  • Agencies and spammers crawl that in search for contracts
  • I get traffic just by continuing my work in the open, building up on past content

The last one was unintentional, but I hope I can repeat that =)