Content is what made me become a better programmer, but I focussed on creating code without sharing publicly how that code solves a problem. Once I wrote a tutorial on and then forgot about it.

Knowledge preserved, moving on…

Since publishing almost a year has passed, and over time it received a number of good comments, which then slowly died down. It got copied by other websites, which rank higher on google than my initial post.

My bugfixes and updates kept the conversation on the original post.

Recently I got an email from someone who is doing some ground work for his company – and my tutorial seemed to help a lot. Which is a nice thought:

Today’s “Jonathan” may forget details, while past “Jonathan” still helps people out with razor sharp knowledge, links and exact code lines.

So here’s the tutorial. If someone is interested in building a library of visual components for multiple UI projects in their company and how to organize that in a clean way, that tutorial might be for you.